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G&C Direct Mail Marketing, Inc. was founded in 1999. We didn’t start in a garage, but not far from it. Today, we have 2 buildings, 125 employees, 2 trucks, a building full of equipment and manage mail for some of the MOST RECOGNIZABLE BRANDS in the country. We run 2 fully staffed shifts and can meet the highest demands of our customers.

We have a data processing and document composition department that handle art files and data. We have multiple inkjets for simple name/address print and 2 Screen TrueJet 520 Inket Web Presses for super complex variable print. At speeds exceeding 500 feet per minute and inline perfing, we can produce a LOT of print! Also in our printing department, we have 2 Konica Minolta Biz Hubs to support our high end 4 color cut sheet needs and a variety of traditional InkJet systems.

Our Lettershop is fully loaded. We have a large variety of mailing equipment including inserters, folders, tabbers, roll systems and cutters. We also have a card affix system where we can variable match imprint, clean release up to a 30 ml card, using an intelligent 2d barcode camera match.

If it can’t be automated, we have a fully staffed hand fulfillment department to tackle anything from super simple to completely complex projects, efficiently and affordably.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be YOUR trusted Mail Services Provider with a singular focus on flexibility, innovation, speed and accurately fulfilling your business needs in the most economical way possible. Our mission is accomplished when you know – and feel – that your direct mail campaigns and your business success are as important to us as they are to you.



G&C Direct Mail Marketing, Inc., is an approved HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) supplier to the State of Texas. For purchases of $5,000 or less, state entities can contact us directly as a minority-owned business to buy printing or other services.

G&C is also Certified MBE, which means that we are a Minority Owned Business.

We are GPO (Government Publishing Office) certified which allows us access to many national government print/mail opportunities.

We are also proud to announce that we are Certified as a Preferred Supplier for the Choctaw Nation and happy to be part of the Choctaw Nation community. Halito!

Proud supporter of the Greater Dallas PCC

BBB certified for many years!

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