Now that you see the PROCESS to get your mail through the shop, where does it go when it leaves our doors? To the recipient of COURSE. But, it is not that simple. What is the best way to get it there? What is the most economical way to get it there? WE GOT YA COVERED.

We will work with you to determine, in home delivery dates and help you chose the best option. Here are a few:

Drop-Shipping We can move your mail through the freight system and enter it at a USPS sorting facility closer to its final destination. Not only will you qualify for delivery point discounts, but you will be able to pinpoint the date of delivery better.

Comingling/Co-Mailing We can combine pieces from multiple mailers into new presorted bundles to aggregate shipments, qualify for additional presort mailing discounts, and improve transit time.

Co-Palletization For higher volumes, we can combine trays from multiple letter-size mailings or bundles of catalogs or magazines together on the same pallet and qualify the mail for additional destination entry pallet discounts.

Local Induction Don’t forget, it may work out just as well for us to take the entire mailing to the local BMEU and induct the mail into the mail stream. Sometimes the old fashion way is the BEST.

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